Thousands languish in Kashmir Prisons without Trial - Independent

Article by Samaan Lateef for The Independent

Mugli Sofi, 70 years old, has been waiting anxiously outside Central Jail Srinagar in Kashmir’s summer capital to meet her son, Rafiq, for several hours.
This is the first time they would be seeing each other since Rafiq, 42, was picked up by Indian police during a night raid on their house on 28 August in the Danderkha locality of the city.
“They (Indian police) scaled the walls and entered our house in the dead of night, without prior notice,” Sofi tells The Independent.

Sofi breaks down when she recalls what happened. With her son the sole breadwinner in the family, she is frightened for the future.
“He is innocent and has never participated in anti-India protests,” says Sofi, as she waits for her turn outside the jail.
“My son works as stone mason and grew up in difficult times after death of his father. He has had to shoulder responsibility of family too early in his childhood.”
According to Sofi her son was picked up in lieu of his nephew, Omair, 16, who Indian forces accuse of throwing stones during demonstrations.
“They yelled at us asking for Omair. When they couldn’t find him they took away my son instead,” she recalls.
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